Stella & Dot - Shelly Tudor - Women's Fashion Stylist Business Opportunity

Love It, Wear It, Get Paid To Share It...

This just may be the dream entrepreneur opportunity you have be looking for!  An opportunity to bring a smile to every individual who identifies as a female who is looking to make money and enjoy life at the same time.  Stella & Dot is growing in the Philadelphia Market and looking for people who enjoy initiating and/or attending Stella Trunk Shows in the area.  If you are interested in 1) joining the business, or  2) having a Stella Trunk show, click on this link to begin the conversation.  You'll Love It, Wear It, and Get Paid To Share It....

Listed below is a video which will show you how easy it is to increase your income wearing and selling Stella&Dot.

Stell&Dot Business Opportunity

Really interested? Check out the Website for more information about the opportunity here.

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