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I will utilize this section of my website to share my professional opinion with regard to "hot topics" happening in Real Estate.  Each time I update this page, I will post the update on social media as well as in my monthly newsletter.

Click the link(s) below to preview specific topics that I will render an opinion and/or share a "call-to-action" request from the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors.

City of Philadelphia proposes to increase real estate taxes for a 5th time! Click here the link below (A Bad Budget for Industry and City) to read the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors position with regard to increasing real estate taxes AGAIN in such a short period of time. 

What are the GPAR budget talking points on the proposed budget?

Where does the Association stand on proposed budget?

If you agree, please take action by sharing this link as well as following whatever suggested action mentioned in the correspondence. Any questions/concerns, give me a call at my office: 267-238-2876.

 A Bad Budget for Industry and City.pdf